L G B T I Q A +

The information on the pages below can help you learn about being L G B T I Q A +. There is information about:

  • What L G B T I Q A + means.
  • How to ‘come out’.
  • How to find and show people your identity.
  • How you can connect with the L G B T I Q A + community.
  • and more great stuff!

There is written information, song playlists, and more. 

The information on this page is for you.

Information in Auslan

Connecting with the L G B T I Q A + community

This page can help you to find L G B T I Q A + people near you.

L G B T I Q A + Flags

This is a booklet.

It has 10 pages.  

This booklet shows you some of the types of rainbow flags, identity flags, and sexuality flags that you might see.  

There is an image of each flag, and a short description of what the flag means.  

There is also a short history of how the rainbow flag has changed since it was first made.  

Queering the Air

This is a podcast.

This part of the podcast is in easy language.

This was recorded by the show “Queering the Air” the radio station 3CR. They invited people from “Rainbow Rights and Advocacy” to speak on the radio show.

“Rainbow Rights and Advocacy” are a self-advocacy group for L G B T I Q A + people with intellectual disability.

Click here to listen to more of Queering the Air.

Other episodes of the podcast are not in easy language.

Click on the Play button ( ►) above to listen to the podcast.

Our Rainbow Lives

This is a book. 

It is a bit different to other books. You can read this book alone, or a friend or supporter can read the left page while you read the right page.

This book is all about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and asexual people! It is OK if you do not know what these words mean now. This book will help you learn about them.

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Our Rainbow Lives book cover with many faces overlayed with a rainbow flag
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More coming soon