Your Rights

The information on the pages below can help you to understand your rights.

Sometimes you need to use your rights to stand up for yourself, and sometimes you need to use your rights to ask for help.   

There is information on talking to the police, your general rights as a L G B T I Q A + person with intellectual disability and some posters to share.

There is also a video about staying safe with people you meet on the internet.   

This information on this page is for you.

Information in Auslan
Person dressed in women's clothing saying "I choose to dress as who I am, not how I was born" with a mirror reflecting them dressed in men's clothing;  a set of justice scales; and a person on a motorised wheelchair saying "I choose to only hire allies for my supports"

Our rights as L G B T I Q A + people with disability in Australia

This is a booklet.

It has 4 pages.  

This booklet lists 10 of your rights as an L G B T I Q A + person with disability.  

These rights make sure that L G B T I Q A + people with disability are treated the same as anyone else in the community.

This booklet also comes with a copy for allies that is not in easy language. Go to the plain language copy.

Our Rights poster

This is a poster.

It has one (1) page.  

This poster is in Easy Language.  

You Have The Right to... poster

Saying Who You Are

‘We are LGBTQ People with Intellectual Disability’ Poster

This is a poster.

It is one page.

This poster was made by a group of 24 LGBTQ people with intellectual disability and supporters from Deakin University. They spent time talking about what helped them feel good about themselves. They came up with a list of statements. Then they talked to other people to ask if they agreed with the statements. The poster has the statements on it.

  • You can use this poster in your home.
  • You can also give it to other people in your community.
  • The poster can help people learn more about what you need to feel good about yourself.
  • The poster is in easy language.
we are LGBT people with intellectual disability :  This is what is important

‘Saying Who You Are’ Booklet
  • This is a booklet
  • It is a report.
  • This report was written by people who worked on a project together. The poster above came from this project.
  • The report is all about how the project worked.
  • The report is in easy language.
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Saying Who You Are report cover

Your rights as an LGBTIQA+ person with disability

These resources are NOT in easy language.

Inclusion Designlab worked with an organisation called Thorne Harbour Health to create information for L G B T I Q A + people with disability.

This information is in three guides. One is about your rights as an L G B T I Q A + person with disability. One is about getting ready for your N D I S planning meeting. The last guide is about how to make sure your needs as an L G B T I Q A + person are protected when you pay for support.

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2 cartoon characters with hard hats building a stylised webpage

More coming soon