For Allies and Others

The information on the pages below is for Allies and other people. There is information for family, friends, supporters, and health professionals so that they can help you. 

What are Allies?

An Ally is someone who shows support for a group of people. You can be an Ally for L G B T I Q A + people, people with disability, or L G B T I Q A + people with disability.

Someone can show they are an Ally by:

Learning about issues that are important for L G B T I Q A + people with disability and the community.

You can learn by reading, listening to podcasts, and talking to people.

Showing you are an Ally in public places

This could be going to L G B T I Q A + event, supporting L G B T I Q A + businesses and charities, and ‘calling out’ or speaking up when someone is being homophobic, transphobic, or queerphobic.

Taking care of the L G B T I Q A + people in your life who need support.

You can support by helping someone when they are sad, angry, or annoyed, and help to cheer them up

Letting L G B T I Q A + people with disability speak for themselves.

If people ask you questions, tell people some of your favourite websites, books, social media accounts, and others places that you learn and get information. 

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