Your Health

This information can help you understand your health as an L G B T I Q A + person with intellectual disability.

There is information about finding good health professionals, safe sex and relationships, giving blood, and more. 

The information on this page is for you. 

Information in Auslan

Donating Blood

This is a booklet.

This booklet has information about:

  • What happens when you donate blood 
  • Who can donate blood 
  • Being L G B T I Q A + and donating blood

The booklet is in easy language.

Donating blood as an LGBTIQA+ person document cover

Staying Safe – Playing Safe

This page has a video is about staying safe when you are talking to people online that you have not met before.  

This video was made by Rainbow Rights and Advocacy. They are a self-advocacy group for L G B T I Q A + people with intellectual disability.

rainbow rights and advocacy logo

The following resource is for allies and is not easy language.

What we want you to know – A letter to health professionals

This is a letter. It has 2 pages.

This letter can help your doctor or other health professionals understand being a L G B T I Q A + person with disability. It was written to help doctors and health professionals understand the difference that they can make in our lives.

The letter has different ways that they can respect you and your identities. The letter has information about communication, gender and sexuality, and consent.

Sex is for everyone: for Occupational therapists supporting sexuality for people with intellectual disability

This is a booklet.

This booklet has information for Occupational therapists (sometimes called O Ts).

In this booklet, there is information to help Occupational therapists talk with L G B T I Q A + people with intellectual disability about sexuality and having sex.

There are some tips to help Occupational therapists get ready for a talk, and what they should look and listen for during the talks.  

There is also a list of other places to find information about sexuality and sex.

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More coming soon